4 SEO considerations for implementing infinite scrolling on websites

CColton October 3, 2023 4:21 PM

Infinite scrolling can make for a great user experience, keeping your audience engaged and offering them a seamless browsing experience. However, when it comes to SEO, infinite scrolling can bring specific challenges. In this article, we're going to explore four key SEO considerations when implementing infinite scrolling on websites.

1. Ensure crawlable content

The first SEO consideration when implementing infinite scrolling on your website is to ensure that the content is crawlable by search engines. Search engines can't scroll like humans, so it's essential to make the information accessible for them.

  • Infinite scrolling and pagination: One way to do this is by combining infinite scrolling with traditional pagination. This will allow search engines to crawl the paginated pages while offering the seamless experience of infinite scrolling to the users.

  • Loading content with AJAX: Another approach is loading content with AJAX as the user scrolls. However, keep in mind that you need to correctly implement AJAX loading to be accessible to search engine bots.

2. Maintain user accessibility and experience

Infinite scrolling can sometimes negatively impact user accessibility and experience, which in turn could hurt your SEO.

  • Back button functionality: When users click on a link and then hit the back button, they should ideally return to the same spot in the infinite scroll that they left off. If they're taken back to the top of the page, it can cause frustration and increase bounce rates.

  • Loading speed: Infinite scroll can also impact loading speeds, especially if large amounts of content are being loaded at once. This can negatively affect both user experience and SEO, so it's important to optimize the loading process.

3. Provide clear navigation

Clear and user-friendly navigation on a website is a crucial SEO consideration. While infinite scrolling offers a seamless browsing experience, it can make navigation more challenging.

  • Scroll depth indicator: A scroll depth indicator can be a helpful solution, showing users how far they have scrolled and how much content is left.

  • Sticky header or footer navigation: Another solution could be implementing a sticky header or footer navigation that stays in place as users scroll.

4. Implement schema markup

Lastly, implementing schema markup is a good SEO practice for infinite scrolling websites.

  • List or carousel markup: If your site utilizes infinite scroll to display a list of items (such as products or articles), consider implementing list or carousel markup. This could help search engines better understand your content and potentially increase your search visibility.

Remember that while infinite scrolling can offer a great user experience, it's crucial to consider the SEO implications to ensure your content is discoverable and performs well in search engines.

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