5 tactics to boost site speed and SEO performance

CColton November 11, 2023 7:01 AM

Google considers site speed as one of the key ranking factors for SEO. Slow-loading web pages not only annoy visitors but also negatively impact your SEO. If you're looking to boost your website's speed and SEO performance, here are 5 tactics that can help you achieve this.

Improving site speed

  1. Optimize Images: One of the key factors that slow down a website is heavy images. Always optimize your images before uploading them. Use tools like Photoshop, GIMP, or online services such as TinyPNG.

  2. Enable Compression: Use GZIP compression to reduce the size of your files. This reduces the amount of data that is being transferred between your server and your visitors, which in turn increases the speed of your website.

  3. Leverage Browser Caching: Browsers cache a lot of information (stylesheets, images, JavaScript files, and more) so that when a visitor comes back to your site, the browser doesn't have to reload the entire page.

  4. Minimize HTTP Requests: An HTTP request is made for each element of a page (images, scripts, and stylesheets). So, the more on-page components, the longer it takes for the page to render.

  5. Use a CDN: A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers that deliver web content to users based on their geographic location. This means that when someone visits your site from New York, they receive files from the server closest to New York.

Increasing website speed and SEO performance

Tactics Description
Reducing Redirects Each time a page redirects to another page, your visitor faces additional time waiting for the HTTP request-response cycle to complete.
Improving Server Response Time Your server response time is affected by the amount of traffic you receive, the resources each page uses, the software your server uses, and the hosting solution you use.
Using a High-Quality Hosting Solution Choosing a high-quality hosting provider can significantly improve your website load time.
Prioritizing Above-The-Fold Content (lazy loading) If you prioritize above-the-fold content, your visitors won’t have to wait for the entire page to load to start using it.
Implementing AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a project from Google to speed up mobile web page delivery.

Improving your site speed and SEO performance is a continuous process and requires regular monitoring and optimization. The tactics mentioned above can help you boost your website performance and, as a result, your SEO ranking.

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