Top 4 mistakes brands make with influencer collaborations

CColton December 31, 2023 7:01 AM

Influencer marketing continues to be a dominating strategy in the world of digital advertising. It's estimated that the influencer marketing industry will be worth $15 billion by 2022. But as brands dive into this new world of marketing, many are making some common, and potentially costly, mistakes in their influencer collaborations.

Mistake 1: Choosing the wrong influencers

One of the most common mistakes is not choosing the right influencer for your brand. It's not just about follower count; it's about brand alignment, engagement rate, and authenticity.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an influencer:

  • Brand alignment: Does the influencer's personal brand align with yours?
  • Engagement rate: Do they have an engaged and active audience?
  • Authenticity: Are their posts genuine and believable?

Mistake 2: Lack of clear communication

Another common mistake is the lack of clear communication between the brand and the influencer. This can lead to misaligned expectations, poor content, and ultimately, a failed campaign. Ensure you have a clear and detailed brief outlining your expectations, deliverables, and deadlines.

Mistake 3: Not measuring campaign performance

Many brands do not measure the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns, which can lead to wasted budget and missed opportunities for improvement.

Here are some key metrics to measure influencer campaign performance:

Metrics Description
Engagement Likes, comments, shares and views
Conversion Sales, signups or downloads from the campaign
Reach Number of people who saw the campaign
ROI Return on investment

Mistake 4: Treating influencers as just another advertising channel

Influencers are not just another advertising channel; they are content creators, brand ambassadors, and often, trusted voices in their communities. Treating them as such could lead to a lackluster campaign and a strained relationship.

To foster a good relationship with influencers, treat them as partners, value their input and creativity, and show appreciation for their work.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you build successful influencer partnerships and leverage this powerful marketing strategy to grow your brand.

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